Friday, February 26, 2010

4 month check-up

We had Ellie's 4 month check-up today. She actually did MUCH better this time with the shots. We fed her between her appointment, and when the nurse came in to do the shots. Don't get me wrong, she didn't love it (who does), but we all survived! She was out like a light on the way home and slept for 3 hours!

She is growing so fast! Her percentiles were:

Weight - 13 pounds 2 ounces (40 - 50th percentile)
Height - 24 1/2 inches (50th percentile)
Head - 43 cm (90th percentile)

This child has a big head for her sweet little body! Kelly and I joked that it must be a Henderson thing b/c Turner was the same way! Dr. Royal gave us the go ahead to start rice cereal by spoon, and a veggie in the next week or so. We are PRAYING that her waking up the last 2 weeks is due to hunger and this will get her back on her 9 - 10 hours a night!

Here are a few pictures from the visit...

Waiting to see Dr. Royal

Before my shots

Hanging out on my mat

update on me - Thanks so much for all your comments, calls, messages, etc... It's really great to have a blogosphere (is that a word) of friends! I do have a very mild case. It's about the same, my eye is a little worse. I think that is just b/c it's not blinking like my left eye. I am a little self conscious going out in public, but realize this is something so small. I know others have MUCH LARGER problems than I do, and I am thankful it's not worse. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for, and know I will get through this!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have what???

Well, this is an unusual post for me... Nothing to report about sweet Ellie (except that she slept for 9 hours last night). This morning I was running around because I was heading to Auburn for the night. My schedule was not going as planned and Ellie was late to daycare this morning, meaning I would be late arriving to Auburn. I noticed when I put on lipstick that my lips felt funny, and they weren't rubbing together like they usually do. Oh well, I honestly thought I had gotten some zit cream in my mouth.

I dropped Ellie off, and was heading down 285 when I looked in my rear view mirror and smiled. Uh oh... something is wrong. The right side of my face didn't look like the left side. The right side didn't move. SCARY. I continued to try to smile at myself - no change. I calmly called Jay and explained my situation. His reply - TURN AROUND AND COME HOME. (he said he did notice that I was talking out of the left side of my mouth this morning but didn't say anything b/c he knew I was stressed). I called my GP to get checked out and felt crazy trying to explain it over the phone. Their response - Go straight to the ER. Okay - SCARY again. I talked to Jay all the way back up 285 and 75 until we both arrived at the ER.

I really felt crazy because I felt fine... no numbness (other than the right side of my tongue), no tingling, no headaches, nothing but my face looked a little funny when I smiled or talked. The sweet check-in girl in the ER took me immediately to a room (shocker)! After waiting an hour, the DR determined I had
Bells Palsy. Here is more information if you are interested... He said it could be caused by a virus and sometimes happens as a result of infections (upper respiratory, etc...). I haven't been sick, so I don't know where it's coming from. They went ahead with a CT scan just to check everything out. My head and brain looked good (thank you Lord), and I was sent home with 2 medications. He said the symptoms could get worse over the next 3 days, but most are fine after 6 weeks (if not sooner). So strange. My only pains are my right eye b/c it's not closing or blinking all the way so it's drying out. I am addicted to eye drops right now. Also, my right nostril is running...

So, I know this was probably boring to most of you, but I would like to hear if you or if you know of anyone that's had Bells Palsy...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

4 Months Old

She looks scared in the picture (Jay was rushing me)

This sweet angel is 4 months old! She is definitely developing a personality and I am absolutely in love with this angel. She goes to the DR on Friday for shots, so I will update then about her weight and height.

It's getting harder and harder to get these pictures because she loves to touch the bear and usually ends up falling into him...

She hasn't had the best week in the sleep department. I don't think (sleep deprived)she went longer than 6 or 7 hours this week. She has been waking up around 4 - 5 a.m. to eat again. Last night she was up at 2:30, 5, and 6:30. We think she had a stomach ache... I have heard there is a 4 month growth spurt. We'll see how long it lasts.

She had a great day yesterday. We (Ellie and I) went to a Kids Sale and used the Baby Bjorn for the first time. She seemed to like it because she could look at everything and everyone. We then spent the day OUTSIDE at an Atlanta event. I thought we might be the only people with a baby, but we saw a ton of strollers. Everyone had the same idea... get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. I didn't take any pictures :-( Ellie is definitely a people watcher. I think she'd be content all day looking around at people (just like me)!

She hasn't rolled over again. She seems content just hanging out on her back on her playmat. She only lasts a few minutes at a time in her exersaucer. I think she is still a little too small for it. She still loves her bouncy seat, and stays in that in the mornings while we are getting ready for the day. I think we are nearing a time to put the swing away. She has to be REALLY tired to enjoy it now. She is trying hard to pull herself forward when she is in your lap. She likes to sit up straight instead of leaned back on your chest. She also loves to stand in your lap.

Watching Baby Einstein with my daddy

Mom, enough pictures I am watching my video

She had her first "accident" at daycare this week. On Fridays, she is in the next class up because they don't have enough for an infant room. The babies in this room are 9 months - 18 months old. I don't love that she's in there, because I know this age can be a little rough (w/o meaning to be). When I picked her up on Friday, I found out that a child had bit Ellie. Yes, bit her on the head. She was fine, but of course it makes your heart hurt that something like this happened. She had 2 red spots where the child bit her, but was fine and now they are gone. I don't know that we have a solution. I know things like this are going to happen. Jay and I both work on Fridays, so we can't keep her home on those days. I wish I could find someone to watch her on Fridays because I am not comfortable with her being in that classroom. We LOVE her daycare, but wish she was with her age everyday!

Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful weather! Have a good week!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day and Trip to Auburn

Day 2 of Snow - Getting used to this before I go skiing in March!

We've been gone this week, so I am trying to play catch up! We had a good weekend with the snow, and celebrated V Day before heading to Auburn for a few days. Jay had a work conference, so I was BEYOND EXCITED that my mom wanted to go to Auburn to hang out with Ellie for a few days! I am very thankful to have a mom and MIL that are always willing to help us out with our crazy, busy schedules. We stayed in the Hotel so Mom could stroll Ellie downtown... It was cold, so they hung out inside most of the time!

Ellie rolled over (back to front) last week, but hasn't done it again... We probably scared her. She also did her first "official" laugh this week. It's hilarious hearing her little laugh. She is also cooing all the time - at us, her toys, herself in the mirror. Sleeping is still good. She has been getting up this week around 4 a.m. and eating a long time. We've heard this might be a growth spurt!

Happy Valentine's Day

Love smiling at my Daddy

Mom couldn't resist getting a Samford Hall picture

We also had a special treat this week... The Sanchez Family stopped by for a visit. They were our neighbors for 5 years. They are in the process of moving to New Orleans and we MISS THEM SO MUCH! We can't wait to take a road trip to visit them in New Orleans. Look at how precious their boys are... Yes, identical twins... I don't know how she does it!

Don't let my Daddy see this...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Recap

Big milestone this week - Ellie rolled over (see blog below for video). She is also pulling herself forward trying to sit up when she is in your lap.

We had a great week last week... Sorry about the delay in blogging. I am exhausted every night and have been very busy with work this week. Ellie had a great week at daycare. She missed Friday b/c I had the day off thanks to the snow in Auburn!

We started last weekend off great with Jay's new car, and spending time in Springville with my parents.

I had a pretty full week with work, and Ellie is finally into a routine at daycare. She is napping and seems so happy when I go to pick her up. I think she is loved on a lot more there than she would be at home. She is still sleeping great. I had to wake her up one morning this week b/c she had slept 11 hours and I needed to feed her before I hit the road.

Before daycare one morning this week

We finally were able to enjoy the snow. I didn't think we were going to get much... boy was I wrong! We are guesstimating around 3 inches! It was beautiful this morning when we woke up. Ellie lasted a few minutes but hated it hitting her in the face.

Getting ready to go out in the snow

We also tried out the Exersaucer. She likes it for a few minutes...

Hope you all stay warm, and have a Happy Valentine's weekend!

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Please turn your volume way down... Ellie rolled over for the first time tonight! Of course, I was in the shower the first time she did it. Jay ran upstairs to tell me, and I was so mad I had missed it. We grabbed the video camera, but didn't think she'd do it again. Enjoy! More blog posts coming this weekend...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

13 weeks and getting used to tummy time

We celebrated a birthday together - me, 29 and Ellie, 13 weeks ;-)
Her personality is really coming out and she cracks us up all the time. She is talking (cooing) all the time, and is obsessed with lights. She is enjoying entertaining herself on her play mat, and also loves her Praise Baby DVD. She is also noticing different textures.

We've adjusted to our work/daycare schedule, and are both doing great! She is still sleeping great at night. There is nothing better right now than picking her up in the afternoon and her smiling when I pick her up!

Talking to her bear

Hanging out in my room

We are getting used to tummy time around here. She still doesn't love it, but she tolerates it. She is trying so hard to roll over, and can get half-way. She can roll side-to-side on her back, but not stomach to back yet. She does a much better job of holding her head up.

Working to hold that head up

Seriously Mom - get the camera out of my face

The boppy makes this so much easier

and of course Sophie wants in on the action

I'm done Mom

Put the camera away

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Hump Day

Just a quick post... We are all doing great being back at work, and full-time at daycare. I think we are finally (hope this doesn't jinx us) on a schedule! She is sleeping GREAT at night (9 - 10 hours) and hardly fusses when we put her down. We are trying not to swaddle her for naps. She is beginning to break out of the miracle blanket in the mornings no matter how tight we wrap her. As long as she sleeps, I am fine with that!

We let her take a nap in our bed after her first feeding while we are getting ready for the day...

Off to see my friends at daycare!

Monday, February 1, 2010


We had a great weekend celebrating my 29th birthday... I can't believe the countdown is now on for the big 3 - 0! We celebrated ALL weekend and spent a lot of family time together. I couldn't have asked for anything more. We grabbed quick dinner on Friday at a local Mexican restaurant and caught up on some DVRed shows. Saturday we shopped, and then went out for dinner and dessert. Jay surprised me with dinner at the Sundial (one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta). It has been closed for renovations and we were there for opening night! We then went to Cafe Intermezzo for coffee and dessert. It was our first time there, and we LOVED it. We promised ourselves to go back once a month. Ellie stayed with a babysitter and had a great night too. Yesterday was a low key day gearing up for my first full week back at work. We finished off the weekend at Provino's Italian for my FREE birthday dinner.

Thank you for all your calls, emails, messages, and cards! I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family and group of friends.

Jay also surprised me with a Wine of the Month club, and a Ski Trip in March! We can't wait... That will be Ellie's first time on a plane... already nervous I will have the screaming baby :-)

This little booger played all weekend on her play mat!