Friday, September 23, 2011


Sorry for the long delay in posting... We have been a wee bit crazy as Jay and I are in our "busy" seasons with work, and MOVING over the last week. Yep, it happened. We sold and closed on our house in a 2 week time span. We have been patient for the perfect buyer and they pretty much fell into our laps.

We will be in a constant state of moving over the next 6+ months. We are building a new house that we hope to be in by summer, but in the meantime are living with friends until a rental opens up.

We have managed ok with the packing, piles, storage units, etc. We have wonderful parents that have been more than helpful and generous with their time and availability over the last few weeks. Jay has been on his own with Ellie as I am working in New Orleans. Thankful my mom is coming in for the weekend to help out!

Hope to post more pictures next week as things settle down...
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Best time of the year!

It's my favorite time of the year... FALL!!! We started off in Auburn and barely squeaked by with a win. I'm guessing this will be a little bit of a different football season compared to last year. Ellie went to the game and did AUsome. We were hoping to make it through the 1st quarter and lasted until the 4th. We missed the come back, but were excited to see most of the game.

Everybody get your hands up for Bodda Getta!

Loving on MeMe

Like Father, Like Daughter

Watching Mickey Mouse... much better than AU Football...

JB was OUT!

...and she's out...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy start to the new school year!

We've hit the ground running as the start of the new school year is here! Ellie is loving her new class, and teachers. She actually started her new year in July by moving up a month before the other newbies arrived. She thinks she is still in charge as she is in a class of 13 boys! Yep, we have another fun-filled year with all boys. I am very happy to report that she has stopped (for now) chomping down on her friends at school. I hope typing this out doesn't jinx us. I still pray walking in to pick her up every day that she receives a good report for the day!

This years class be filled with art projects, music, eating at a table with chairs, and napping on mats at school. She seems to adjusted okay with the naps - now only sleeping for 1 hour. We are staying in the crib at home until she attempts to climb out! She has started talking A LOT and learns new words or phrases everyday. My favorite right now - "Love you Mommy/Daddy". Sweetest words I have ever heard. She is into climbing on anything, and continually has bruises and scratches all over her body. Another not-so-favorite phrase she uses - "No, No, No" if you try to remove her from something dangerous, or your ready to go and she is not. She also uses it for Sophie when Sophie wants to help with snack or meal time at home!

First Day in Toddler Class - this was after an outfit change and LOTS of crying due to pulling the night stand on top of her face

She still would rather be outside when we get home in the afternoons. She loves helping water the grass, cut the grass, or dig in the dirt. You'll find her in a diaper most days... So much that our 9-year-old neighbor asked if she ever wears clothes.

It's also that time of year for fall/winter consignment sales! I LOVE THEM! Jay will be ready for this season to end, but deep down he enjoys the sales too! We've hit a few and have a few more to go!

Playing with Jackson Borders at Griffin's Birthday

This has also started my busiest time of the year for work. I hit the road early in the morning, and arrive home late 2-3 nights a week. It's also Jay's busiest time for the company, but somehow we work out all the travel and night events that one of us is home. It's only for a few months, and then things jump back to being normal again. We are SO excited that college football is just a few days away! Bring on fun Saturdays in Auburn with family and friends!