Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

This is my first belly picture post (24 1/2 weeks)

We had back to back weddings, and are now spending a week at the beach (well - finishing up a week at the beach - post on that later). I wanted to post a few pictures from Kelly and Jonathan's wedding. It was at The Grand in Point Clear and absolutely beautiful! I also passed my glucose test!!! So I am celebrating with a sweet tea from McAlister's!

Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom

Kelly and Melissa getting pedicures
r>Pedicures with the bridesmaids

Heath, Jay, Turner, and Frank

Family Pictures!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I am now 24 weeks (6 months for the non-moms and those not used to counting in weeks), and still feeling great! I had my 24 week check-up which included the not so fun glucose test. I had been told by so many the horror stories of the "drink". It was not good, but I was able to choke it down in my 5-minute time limit. My choices were Orange or Fruit Punch. I went with the Orange. It reminded me off the cheap Kool-Aid you used to get at VBS or Daycare where you had to peel the tops off to drink. I hope I passed so I don't have to go back for the 3-hour test. I will find out on Monday... stay tuned!

Ellie measured perfect and her heartbeat was strong. I have really been enjoying taking my time with this pregnancy and felt like we have plenty of time before she arrives. We choose August as "nursery month" b/c my work schedule will kick into high gear September and October. I realized on the way to Andalusia last night that August is next week. We haven't moved furniture out of our guest room, picked out a paint color, gotten our bedding, nor our furniture! I am still undecided on the color of her nursery. We are leaning toward the light green from her bedding, but who knows my mind changes every 5 minutes.

We are heading to my sister-in-law's wedding this weekend, and then a nice, relaxing beach trip at Sandestin! This will be my 28th year of going to Sandestin with my family. This will also be our last beach trip as a couple. Don't worry, we'll have plenty of kids to keep us occupied with my brother's 3 coming! We are taking a "babymoon" in August to New York so we'll have one last trip as just us! This will be my first trip to NYC and I am so excited! Please send suggestions of "must-sees and dos" and any restaurant or hotel information.

Below are pictures from the last few weeks...

With Larkin and Abbie before Katie's Wedding

Katie on her wedding day! Such a beautiful bride!

Kelly's Bachelorette Weekend

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Bedding!

Yep, that's right... We've already sent back the first bedding and ordered another pattern. I loved the look of the first one, but not the material. I went back to where we ordered our furniture and picked out our new bedding! I am really excited about this one, but am wondering on paint colors for the nursery. I didn't want to do too much pink... Let me know your thoughts on colors. I am so bad at matching colors, etc...

For anyone in the Marietta/Kennesaw area, please check out the Baby's Room. They are by far the friendliest baby store we've been to. We have ordered our furniture and bedding there. We will also be registering and ordering our chair for Ellie's room. They go above and beyond on the customer service, and have great prices. They remember your name from the first day (or maybe b/c I go in there every week :-) and one of the sales reps is a Auburn guy! I knew we were in good hands!

(The sheet is actually chocolate brown. It looks green in this picture)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little, Little ADPI

Precious bloomers from a dear friend and pledge sister, Larkin! Ellie will definitely grow up hearing ADPI stories from all her "aunts", and might even hear the ADPI songs as her lullabies!

Thanks to Larkin for starting the rush process early with Ellie!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is why little girls are so expensive...

I now am beginning to understand why everyone says little girls are so expensive! I picked up Ellie's first monogrammed outfits and am now obsessed with it! I did learn to use friends with monogramming machines in the future instead of a monogramming store.

Also, Jay felt Ellie move for the first time last night. She is pretty active throughout the day now and I have been feeling her move for about 2 weeks. It was so neat for him to experience it too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eloise Catherine Henderson "Ellie"

Well baby girl has an official name! "It" turned into a "She", and "She" is now "Ellie". We had two names picked out, and decided on the way back from Birmingham on Sunday that her name would be Ellie. We wanted to use family names, so she will be named for Jay's paternal grandmother Eloise Henderson, and my great-aunt (my namesake) Catherine Gaston.

I always told myself that I would name my child and call her/him by the first name and not confuse it with a name like mine... My official name was Sara Catherine Patterson, but I went by Kate. Yes, Catherine with a "C" and Kate with a "K". It has been a constant laugh among my friends on what my official name is... When we got married and moved to GA, I wanted to keep all my names and add Henderson. Well, I was quickly told (at the DMV) that "you can't have four names in the state of GA"... Okay, well let's do Catherine Patterson Henderson since Kate kind-of comes from Catherine and that is how everyone knows me... Nope - Strike two. You can't drop your first name in the state of GA w/o going before a judge? WHAT? Are you kidding me? This is when the tears filled my eyes and I had to do Sara Patterson Henderson. Yep - Catherine, nor Kate is officially part of my name now... All this to say - We are using Eloise as the first name even though she will go by Ellie. So, I am making it a little easier for her :-)

Today marks day 1 of monogramming for Ellie!

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