Saturday, March 23, 2013

Celebrating birthdays and gearing up for Easter

We celebrated with Ms Hazel this week. She turned 89 on Monday and is such a blessing to so many people. She amazes me with her strength at her age. We love spending Saturdays with her.

We are also ready for Easter! Ellie took a picture with the Easter Bunny but did inform him not to get too close to her... Sassy! We did whisper that she wanted jelly beans and a Hello Kitty watch.

We (I mean - ME) chopped Ellie's hair off on Friday. Jay was less than thrilled that I decided to do this. I LOVE it and think its perfect for Spring.

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Catching up on life

Travel, work, play, repeat! Story of our lives these days... I am traveling a lot more this time of year and have college road trips planned each month through July - fun but exhausting!

Ellie is into using her imagination a lot these days - dress up, tea parties, cooking dinner are all favorites as of now. She also loves to sing - Jay is to thank for this one!

Jay is super busy with work and currently in his busy season with events every.single.weekend. I am thankful that he really enjoys his job and finally has a great team. So proud of the business he has grown from the ground up.

We are so excited for the spring weather and Monday we will be celebrating Mrs. Hazel's 89th birthday.