Saturday, March 26, 2011

We are well... again!

We battled our first case of croup last weekend and this week. Her cough sounded like a bark. We were prescribed steroids to knock it out, and the doctor telling us she might be a little crabby was an understatement. She had full on roid-rage. I hope we never have to take those again! We had a good week despite the few days of crabbiness.

Ellie is really into reading, cooking in her kitchen, waving at everyone she sees, blowing kisses, pointing out her body parts, Mel-Mo (Elmo), and Mickey Mouse. She is also into a phase of copying what I do (i.e. putting on make-up and putting her hair in a hair towel). She is in a mommy attachment phase this week. It can be exhausting when I depend on Jay to do so much with her, and this week she wants only mommy. I know it could change at any time and I should be thankful she wants to be held, rocked, and loved on so much right now.

I have to get some video on here of her "chore" at home. She is now feeding Sophie in the mornings and at night. She loves it. She copies exactly what we do, and it's hilarious. She likes it so much, she wants to feed her more often than Sophie needs to eat. I found her the other day with her hands in Sophie's food container outside and feeding Sophie piece by piece from her hand.

Pictures from the last few weeks...

Confused about the seasons?

Cooking for Mel-Mo

Look at those curls... One reason I am not ready to cut her hair

Loves drinking out of our cups

This is how Jay found her one afternoon watching Sesame Street

St. Patrick's Day

Drawing for Sophie

2 funny things about this picture... 1. the pacifier... she never takes one, but likes to play with them and it's upside down 2. look how tall this child is

Putting on her make-up with me one morning

Reading with Daddy

Just like her Mommy... Loves cheese dip

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

Closets - check
Goodwill drop off - check
Kitchen cabinets - check
House cleaned - check
Pantry / Frig stocked - check

My dad would be so proud! He is a neat freak, and loves re-organizing and cleaning for me when he visits. Next time, I will save it all for him! I am very lucky in that Jay is just as crazy as I am about having a clean, semi-neat house. We have decided to save some money, and clean our own house for a few months. We have had an AMAZING lady visit us twice a month for a few years and thought we could trim our budget this way. She does a MUCH better job than me, but it's cleaner than it was last week. Jay is the floor man. He does all the vacuuming, moping, and cleaning of the hardwoods. I am the organizer, putter-awayer, duster, bathrooms person. It works out and all gets done.

What a great weekend to catch up and clean! We got so much done by being HOME this weekend. I am looking forward to many more weekends like this with the exception of few baby and wedding showers. The weather was perfect so Ellie soaked up some outside time too at the ballpark!

Kisses for Dada

Will be needing a haircut very soon...

Spaghetti Face

Calling a puppy at the park

Waiting to see the doctor - NO TUBES!!!

Watching baseball with Daddy

Walking Sophie


Her new puppy-friend at the park - this child LOVES dogs. She wants to kiss and pet everyone she meets...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready for a low key weekend!

We took a quick trip to the beach this past weekend for Jay's last band gig. MiMi graciously agreed to go with us, so I could enjoy Jay's last shows too. My great friend allowed us to stay at her condo ON THE BEACH and it was such a great little vacation. It did RAIN the entire weekend, but we made the best of it by shopping and eating great seafood. Ellie tried all types of seafood and seemed to enjoy it all. She was definitely bored by having to be inside a lot, but was a trooper for the most part!

We are so excited that the next few weekends will keep us home! I need to do a lot of spring cleaning, and my work schedule is crazy for March and April.

Wasting time at the outlets

Inventing new toys

Grocery Shopping

Napping on the way to the beach

This is her normal sleeping position

OBSESSED with sour straws (hey - they keep her happy on the LONG car ride home)

This syringe is a common fixture in our house with her many ear infections