Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beach Trip

Hands down best weather we have ever had for a beach trip!  We stayed on the beach for most of the day and Ellie could swim in the ocean like it was the pool...  Crystal clear water and no seaweed or jellyfish!  It was so peaceful with the 3 of us (plus Sophie).  We are hoping to go back the end of June if my doctor gives me the ok...  My blood pressure has been really low and sleep just isn't happening.  He ruled out my 5 day college tour next week :( 

Too small bathing suit from last year #wedgie 
Perfect water

Sophie's one trip to the sand and water - she loved it but then hobbled the rest of the week #almost10
Ellie wanted Oalf to be a sandman...  He stayed out there for the week #alittleplump
Going in - it was cold!
Played all day on the beach 
By herself 
Lunch time 
This makes me cringe...  Sand was everywhere 
Met a friend 
Last night sunset 
Love!  Wish I could freeze her 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter Pics, Birthday Parties, and Mother's Day

We've been running 100 mph the last few weeks and I wanted to get my pics dumped on the blog before I have to get a new phone... Praying it makes it a few more weeks, but we are struggling since last summer when it went for a swim! We had a wonderful Easter with friends...
We spent a few days in Springville visiting friends and family - makes me wish we lived closer every time we visit. Ellie LOVES being with her cousins. It was nice to get away for a few days! She was able to dress herself in the first picture for Wacky Wednesday at school... Her creations crack us up. She loves the weekends because she knows she can choose whatever she wants to wear which usually includes high heels, lots of jewelry, a tutu, crazy socks, a headband, etc...
We wrapped up the soccer season - not her favorite sport - but we played with so many great friends! We are wrapping up the school year and celebrated with "indoor" field day. And the first picture is her dressing herself again one weekend... Lord - help me when she starts deciding what to wear during the week :)
Last weekend we had 3 birthday parties back to back to back and then a baby shower for a sweet friend ON TOP OF Mother's Day and Jay being gone all weekend... This one was tired, but we survived :)
And we celebrated Mother's Day... We are so thankful for the "Mother's" in our lives. I am truly blessed with one of the best ones out there. She is the most patient, loving, and kind woman I know. Always going above and beyond to take care of everyone before herself. She has taught me so much in parenting Ellie and soon to be another one. She has shown me how to be a "working Mother" which I love by balancing family and work and never seeming stressed. I was also lucky to have one of the best Mother-in-Laws. Even though she is no longer with us, I continue to learn from her. She loved her family more than anything and showed me how important being with your family truly is... She loved every minute with her children and grandchildren. A true example of the best wife, mother, and MeMe out there. We miss her so much, but know she continues to watch over us! If that isn't enough, Jay and I were recently blessed with a "new" mother - Tappy! Tappy loves us like we are her own. We look forward to her early retirement in a few weeks, especially when baby sister arrives in July!
Looking forward to some rest and relaxation over the next few days... We are 11 weeks out from meeting baby sister and haven't done much to prepare. I guess that happens with #2 :)