Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update on going private...

Well I guess I should have researched "how to go private" before posting on Saturday. I will need your email address in order to add you to the private blog. If you didn't include your email address in your comment, please comment again with your email address. I am going to keep this "un-private" (is that a word) until the end of the week for family members that randomly log-on!

Below are 3 new posts!

Sew not going to happen for me...

Well, I know you've all been dying to see my latest attempt at sewing. Strong emphasis on ATTEMPT. I don't think I am cut out for this, and now realize why you pay so much for cute clothes. My mom is great and patient, but I am not. We tackled this dress a couple of weeks ago and I had the grand idea to add an applique... I should have paid to have someone applique it for me. It's on there, but she won't be wearing this out much... It may be a play dress for when we are at home! It looks like a "C" instead of an "E". I guess it could stand for Catherine - her middle name...

This, on the other hand, turned out so cute! Thanks Mom. She did every stitch on this one and that's probably the reason it looks great!

Mess and More Mess

Mess #1 -
Ellie loves Plum Organics Spinach, Peas, and Pears... I know, doesn't sound appetizing to me either... I had stepped away from her highchair for 2.5 seconds and came back to this mess. It was all.over.her...In her eyes, ears, and up her nose. Disgusting. She didn't seemed to mind at all. We headed up for a quick bath before MiMi and Pop arrived.

Mess #2 -
After bath time, we always let Ellie play in her room while we are getting lotion on her, hair brushed, etc... We always let her play like this...


I was hanging a few clothes in her closet while she was "air drying", and came back to a mess that stunk up her whole room. Yep, that's right - she pooped in her floor and then sat in it. I won't go into graphic details, but let's just say Jay and I were both gagging, and trying not to get her mess on us. Wow - I guess you learn as you go.


We've started early on Ellie helping out around the house. There's so much she wants to buy and Mommy isn't the best seamstress, so she's earning some weekly allowance toward those smocked outfits ;-)

Dishes - check

Laundry - check

Up next, toilets and floors! Maybe we can cancel our cleaning lady! Nah...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going Private

Happy Saturday! I can't believe I am posting back to back... This is not a fun post, but wanted to let you all know we'll be going private. Please comment with your email address if you would like to be added to still view our blog. I won't explain all the details here of my reasons, but will once we are up and running as private! Your comments are not posted until I approve so no one can see who is responding (in case you don't know your information published)!

Thanks for reading, and we'll be back soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I know, I know... Terrible blogger...

Wow - Didn't realize it has been 2 weeks since my last post. I have definitely done my fair share of blog stalking and gotten upset others haven't updated, but just didn't feel like updating my own blog! The last 2 weeks have been a blur. I couldn't even remember what we did this past weekend when a friend asked today, and that's bad b/c it was our anniversary!

We've been going 90 to nothing with work, so each night we crash once Ellie goes to bed (which is around 7:30 every night). I am on the computer all day right now gearing up for my busy season, so the last thing I want to do is get back on at night.

So, let's catch up... Pictures and videos of Ellie walking will come tomorrow...

BIG NEWS... No, I am not pregnant! This wonderful man, my Daddy, is cancer free! He had a great report today from the doctor. So no more chemo! God is so good.

I am D-O-N-E with nursing and pumping! Hallelujah! I made the decision last weekend to stop before I am on the road. It was a painful week. I didn't know it hurt so bad to quit! Wow... Good luck if you are reading this and considering stopping! She is still on BM mixed with formula due to a great storage!

Mom and I completed a couple more sewing projects. I am going to TRY to applique one, so I will post pictures soon! Love Love Love the dress we (I mean, she) made!

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Saturday! We had a babysitter from Ellie's daycare that we LOVE come over Sunday night so we could enjoy a peaceful dinner. We went to Veni Vidi Vici and it was DELICIOUS! If you live in/around the Atlanta area, definitely try it out! Yummy! We then splurged and enjoyed coffee and dessert down the road. This year we decided (or I did) that we should do something for the house as our gift. We bought a new storm door for the front door. I have been asking for 2 years for one, so I thought if I asked as an anniversary gift he couldn't say no! No pictures yet b/c it had to be special ordered.

Ellie Mae is walking behind her push toys these days. She started this week, and her teacher said she's been doing it at school too. She stands for a few seconds without holding onto anything, and is constantly pulling up and walking down anything she can get a hold of. It won't be long until she is walking all over the place.

She also started saying Ma Ma and Na Na. We are now using the words Da Da, Ba Ba, Va Va, Ma Ma, and Na Na. We are also dog sitting this week, and Ellie cannot get enough of Peter (friend's dog). She loves him and thinks he is hilarious.

She is eating some "real" people food, but mostly enjoys the fruits and veggies. She is drinking water out of a sippy cup too! She is growing up so fast. I can't believe we'll be celebrating her first year in 2 months!M

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

We had a wonderful trip to the beach with both families. We started off in Panama City with MeMe and Pap, and wrapped up in Sandestin with MiMi and the rest of the Patterson fam. I grew up going to Sandestin and this was our 29th year. It has changed so much, and I never dreamed I would take my own child one day. I hope to make many memories with Ellie there. She did decide to cut her two top teeth, and is now working on two more. That meant a couple of sleepless nights where she wanted no one but me. She also had her first "major" fall - off the bed... We have been putting her on the bed to play with toys, but those days are over now. Thankfully, she was not hurt - just a little carpet burn on her cheek. I cried more than she did. We stayed at the pool most of the time due to the heat, and seaweed. I can't wait for next year!