Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why am I so behind on blogging?

UGH! Why am I so behind on blogging??? I have 3 or 4 posts I need to do...

Now that it's spring, we are on the road most weekends for festivals, concerts, etc... with Jay's ATM business. The fun part is the people watching and good ol' fair food! Who doesn't love a hot, greasy funnel cake??? This past weekend we ventured down to the Sweet Onion Festival in Vidalia, GA! Wow - the people watching was at a premium! That might have been my favorite part of the trip (other than the funnel cakes). And we couldn't leave without something with an onion on it... (this was the cutest onion thing I could find... I was not into the onion earrings - I am serious - or necklaces)!

Ellie is enjoying being on her tummy much more these days. She is trying so hard to get up on all fours. Here are a few shots in her pack and play. They told us today at daycare she did a little army crawl... It will be here before we know it and I am not rushing the mobile stage.

She can sit-up by herself, but I am still a little hesitant to leave her unless she is on a soft surface. She face planted on the kitchen counter and had a little bruise on her cheek...

And we also pulled out the jumperoo! She is in love with jumping! We put her in her exersaucer this morning and she was trying to jump...

She is still enjoying her videos on the laptop or TV. We also purchased a DVD player for the car since we'll be spending LOTS of time there this spring and summer!

Cute onesie!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ellie the Artist

One of the many reasons that I love taking Ellie to daycare... art work! I would never think to do things like this with her if she was home with me. Of course we had to purchase this art work to raise money for her daycare. I didn't want to be the only mom not to buy their kid's work... I'm sure she had some help with this project ;-) I think it's a porcupine (correction from Mom to 5 - it's a peacock - guess Ellie won't be an artist after all... :)??? Now I have to find a place to hang it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feeling better!

We are feeling much better around the Henderson household. This has been quite a month for Ellie in the sickness department... Our doctor thinks Ellie's fever was the fever virus... We went back on Friday for the 8th time in 3 weeks, and hope not to be back before her 6 month check-up at the end of this month!

Since we were cooped up in the house the last few days, we enjoyed this beautiful day at some Atlanta festivals! Ellie loves being outside!

At Taylor's game last weekend

In the tub with my cousins

Kisses from Sophie after my doctor's appt

Hanging out at Dogwood Festival

Getting a quick nap

With my friend Sawyer

Flowers from Jay at the end of a very long week...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bless her heart...

Well, I was hoping to post today about how we are all well and good to go. WRONG! I got a call this afternoon from Ellie's daycare and found out she was running a fever of 102.5. I thought we'd pick her up and treat her with Tylenol, but found out she did need to go back since it was above 100.4 and she's still so young... This is our 4th or 5th trip in the last month.

I was thinking the whole time that it was another ear infection. WRONG again! Ears were clear, chest was clear, and nose was clear. This meant something else was causing the fever. The next couple of hours might have been some of the hardest hours to date... I thought shots were bad. They had to do a catheter to rule out a UTI (negative), and draw blood to check for a bacterial infection. The catheter was not nearly as bad as drawing blood from her tiny arms and little veins. We were told our nurse was the best at this... She wasn't able to find Ellie's vein in the left arm, so we had to start all over in the right arm! BLESS HER HEART. She was purple from crying so hard, and sweating like a little pig. I thought Jay was going to lose his mind.

Her white blood cell count was high, so they are treating it as a bacterial infection for now. We will find out the results from the culture in a few days. Treating it means SHOTS! Yes, we had to end with a shot in her leg. One today, and another one tomorrow.

They told us it could just be a virus too, which means there is not much you can do but let it run its course. At this point, you begin thinking... I put my baby through ALL of that and it might only be a virus... But what if it's not, what if it's bacterial and we caught it early??? Oh, the questions and guilt that runs through your head.

Good news to report is that Ellie can sit up now! Not for long periods of time, but completely unassisted! She's had a couple of face plants, but she's learning!

Also, DOUBLE good news... She has slept 12 hours the last two nights!!! 7:30 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. YAHOO!!!

Pray for us and sweet Ellie!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 months - Sickness - Easter

I was going to divide this into 3 different posts, but knew I would not get around to doing that... Ellie and Jay are both sleeping, so I have some time to FINALLY update! This is been a hard couple of weeks... I apologize for the super long post!

5 months
I fall more and more in love with this little one. She is so much fun right now. I never understood when people would say or blog about loving this month or this stage with their child. I completely understand it now! I know each month will get better and better as she develops her personality. We have enjoyed this last month with her b/c she interacts so much right now!

LOVES - bath time, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, green peas, pacifier, exersaucer, being outside, and Sophie

HATES - getting out of the bath, cleaning her nose, getting in her car seat

She is rolling all the time, and has started rolling tummy to back. We now are laying her on her back unswaddled for bed and she immediately flips to her tummy.

We found out she does take a paci... I say found out b/c we tried doing the paci at home but she didn't seem too interested. When we'd pick her up from daycare, they would ask - do you want her paci? We'd always say no (thinking she doesn't take one)... I picked her up 2 weeks ago and she was sleep with a paci in... They said she always takes it. Good to know! Now she has one all the time and it seems to sooth her.


We went to the DR two weeks ago b/c she had a low fever, runny nose, and cough. I almost didn't take her b/c I figured they'd send me home with nothing. Glad we did b/c we found out she had an ear infection. We started amoxicilian. We went back the following week b/c the congestion was worse. I really didn't want to take her this time b/c I figured they'd say it hasn't been long enough on her medicine. I was wrong again! It had moved to her chest and developed into bronchitis. They changed her over to another antibiotic, and an inhaler for the wheezing... We had to go back again yesterday b/c she gets into coughing fits and can't catch her breath - scary, yes - and picked up a nebulizer. She hates it. We have the mask and pacifier attachment. Luckily, we are able to hold her still for the 5 minutes it takes. We go back again tomorrow for a re-check!

During this time, she passed her sinus/ear infection over to me. I started an antibiotic last week and am still feeling pressure. I went back yesterday for a steroid and decongestant. We were hoping Jay was in the clear, but he went in this morning for a sinus infection! So our house looks like a drug store right now.
Poor Baby

All of our drugs

What I did most of my time last week

Love this one with my brother

Due to the sickness, we were unable to make it to church for Easter. We knew Ellie didn't need to be around a lot of people. We were able to celebrate with my family! We still took pictures in her Easter dress, and with her basket!

We did visit with the Easter bunny (probably who got her sick ;-)

One of my Easter outfits

Love my Pop - he makes me smile and squeal

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeping half of my promise

by posting again... We were both back at the doctor this afternoon so I am going to do my big post hopefully tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers as we both battle a nasty sinus/ear infection. Poor Ellie's infection moved to her chest so we had to pick up a nebulizer (breathing machine with mask) today. We are doing treatments every 3 hours, and she screams the whole time. Hopefully this will clear up her poor, little lungs. I am on round 2 of drugs for this crazy infection... Never in my life have I felt this bad! I feel sorry for anyone that gets sinus infections often.

Promise to update soon!

There is so much to update my blog world on... Easter, 5 months, first sickness, sleep update... I promise to have some updates tonight! I had to put this out there to hold myself accountable!

We are both still battling nasty sinus and ear infections. Ellie has been to the DR twice, and I am going back today for another visit. I don't think I have ever felt this bad... Wow!

Hope you are enjoying this summer-like weather!