Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun times in June

We are more than halfway through the month and enjoying life with just one!  It's been busy, but fun and relaxing at the same time.  We decided to only have Ellie in school 2 days a week this summer.  It's been a great schedule for everyone as the orher days are filled with play dates, camps, and lots of pool time!  We are hoping to head the beach one more time - doctor permitting - before Hazel arrives in 40 days...  Other than low blood pressure and a few fainting spells this pregnancy has been pretty good!

Hazel's Sprinkle with Mom, Tambry, and Ellie 

Precious and delicious cake 

Love a monogram!

With Emily and Elizabeth 

Amazing friends and hostesses!  

We signed Ellie up for TBall this fall...  She starts in August - not sure what we are thinking with a newborn but we will figure it out!  

Fun times at the Splash Pad with Caden 

And Elizabeth 

Summer ballet with Izzy

Concert on the Square with Sarah Kate and Elizabeth 

VBS with Caden

And Kaitlyn

And Elizabeth 

Blue Day with Elizabeth 

Green Day with all her buddies 

Pool time with friends - she will do swim team next year!

And a surprise dinner for Hazel's arrival!  Such sweet, amazing friends I have here in Marietta!  They have gone above and beyond to spoil us for Hazel!

I have been bad about not writing as much this time with Hazel.  It's been crazy fast as we near the end.  We are so excited and almost ready to meet her!  I just can't wrap my mind around another human in our house just yet...  Ellie is beyond ready and sits in Hazel's room all the time.  We are set for July 29th but we will see if she has other plans like her big sister.  We see a specialist one more time on Monday...  As of this week, I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule!  That's kind of scary to me...  Praying that this blood pressure stuff corrects itself and we can get past the fairiting mess!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Sophie!

We celebrated 10 years with our first child. I can't believe she is 10 years old. She was my wedding present from Jay and has been perfect for our family. She is the sweetest lab out there and very gentle with all kids - especially Ellie. She may drive us crazy with her shedding of white hair but we are thankful for the 10 years she's been with us. I hope Hazel is just as happy to hang out with her as Ellie is... I pray she remains in good health and is with us for 10 more!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last day of PK-3 / Charlottes Web / Playdates

We couldn't have asked for a better first year at Mount Paran!  We were spoiled with great teachers and the sweetest friends.  Ellie is already missing MP, her teachers, and friends - and it's only been 2 week!  We are filling our days with play dates and summer camps until baby sister arrives!

The kindness award
The cutest and BEST teachers!!!  Wish they would follow this class to PK-4
Sweetest girls...  We will miss them over the summer!
Pupperty Arts to see Charlottes Web
Making a "Charlotte"

Our first neighborhood of cul de sac kids - everyone is so grown up now!!!!  This was a graduation party for one of the girls that was 8 when we moved in!!!!  
Splash Pad Play Date with our BFF - Griffin
Sleepover and Princess time with Addison
Ellie's favorite person in the world- Molly!