Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who knew Gulf World was so much fun???

So glad we visited Gulf World in PCB. We will definitely be returning the next time we are here. Awesome shows and such a variety of animals to see.

Christmas in PCB

We enjoyed some time with Pap and Tambry at the beach after Christmas. Love waking up each day with no plans :)

We enjoyed great food with no waits; indoor swimming; the hot tub; Thomas doughnuts; shopping; and relaxing!

Also, can you find Sophie in the picture on the beach? She blended right into the sand!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in GA

Santa visited early in GA this year due to Ellie's requests from Santa, and we these were not mobile requests. This was such a fun year because she believes, and her excitement Wednesday morning was so sweet. Merry Christmas sweet girl! She was specific on her requests this year - trampoline, monkey bars for her swing set, and a rope to climb down from the monkey bars. Santa was busy this last week making her requests a reality!
Ellie's School Christmas Party Sweetest and MOST patient teachers in the world - Don't know how they do it with that many active 3-year-olds - WOW!
Ellie, Caden, and Miku
Ellie and Wyatt
This is her "best" friend at school - Miku. She is only there a few hours, 2 days a week - but we have LOVED having another girl in Ellie's class. Unfortunately, Miku is leaving during the holidays and moving home to Japan. We are so sad.
I love that she knows that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday; that you have stay on the "nice" list; that our elf (Rein-do) gives daily reports; is concerned that others are receiving gifts too; and is looking forward to seeing all of her cousins!