Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Fall!

I thought with less time in the office I would have more time to blog... Instead I fill the time with running errands and always plan to get more done than the day allows. Oh well, we are enjoying life!

We attended our first ever county fair. Ellie was in live with the animals. She wanted to stay in the petting zoo area the entire time, but I don't know that this one would pass any health ratings!

We also ventured to AU for the LSU game and lasted the whole game! I didn't set my expectations high for Ellie or AU but was pleasantly surprised with both. Ellie took a power nap in her stroller and had her picture taken by a few strangers. Let's hope she doesn't repeat this look freshman year at AU!

We took Ellie to her first "show" - Sesame Street Live! So cute, and so much fun. Next up - Disney on Ice in October. She sat through the 90 minute performance and wanted to watch it again. Makes me excited for Disney movies.

I can't believe we are about 1 month away from celebrating Ellie's 3rd birthday.

Monday, September 3, 2012

School Days

We started the new school year and I am most excited about being able to do carpool - oh, the small things that make the day easier! All is right in Ellie's world bc she is back with all her friends who weren't in school over the summer.

We are continuing with swim lessons and have now started gymnastics. Not sure she loves gymnastics as much, but we are going with it for now.