Sunday, September 15, 2013

We love fall :)

This is by far my favorite season!!!  Football, pumpkins, Ellie's birthday, college applications, Halloween and Thanksgiving, the list goes on and on...  

We have designated Saturdays as "birthday day" bc it feels like we have 2-3 every weekend.  Thankful AU games have been at night so we can cram everything into the day and night.  

We also welcomed the most precious babies, my niece and nephew, the end of August!  Jon and Ashley are doing great and the twins are changing everyday.  We love Alex and Noah and can't wait to get back to Bham to love on them.

I have also been training for my first 5k.  You would have thought I was running a marathon.  My friends and family are sick of hearing about this but it was a personal goal I set in January and JUST now achieved!  Better late than never :). I followed the couch to 5k for 8 weeks and did it exactly as it was planned.  It worked and I completed my first 5k yesterday!  My goal was to run the entire time (achieved) :) but I was SLOW bc I thought I would not pace myself...  Finished in 31:05 so hopefully I will get faster!  

Busy weeks coming up so I hope to update again soon!