Saturday, July 31, 2010

9 months old

We are celebrating Ellie's 9 month birthday at the beach - just kidding... It just happened to fall during our beach trip. I had Jay snap a few pictures with his camera phone before we left so we'd have the same, consistent bear picture! Ellie is turning into more of a toddler and so much less of a baby these days. It is absolutely amazing watching her learn so many new things. She is so funny, and has such a sweet, sweet personality. I can't believe we are 3 months away from her 1st birthday!

9 month stats:
-Weight = 16.9 pounds - 10th percentile
-Height = 26 1/2 inches - 25th percentile
-Head = don't remember but 90th percentile

She dropped from the 50th to the 10th in weight this time by only gaining 1 pound in 3 months... I was shocked because all her friends her age are around 19 - 20 pounds. The doctor wasn't concerned, and said since she is such a busy-body that she would probably be small... Must take after her Daddy on the weight chart! Mom was able to take in a lot of her 9 month clothes because they are all too big. She is still fitting into all of her 6 month clothes perfectly.

What she is up to these days:
-CRAWLING all over the place
-Pulling up
-Saying "Da Da Da Da" - no "Ma Ma" yet
-2 bottom teeth, and 2-4 more coming in on the top
-Trying juice from a sippy cup
-4 6-7 oz bottles a day (still pumping - the countdown in on...)
-Eating 3 solids a day
-sleeping 10 - 12 hours per night
-usually 2 1-2 hour naps a day
-LOVES all food except spinach with potatoes
-Has developed separation anxiety if she is away from me or Jay

Other pictures over the last month:

Waiting for my breakfast

My favorite thing to do... mess with my sister


Milk Face

Riding the bulldozer with my Daddy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sew not easy...

Well, I have tackled Sewing 101, 102, and a hooping/stabilizing class. I am such a beginner and really afraid this will not work out for me. Mom and Dad came up last weekend, and we tackled our first project for Ellie. After this, I need A LOT of practice! Mom did A LOT more on this project than me, but I did help a little bit. I am very excited with how it turned out and can't wait for Ellie to wear it at the beach!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And, we're off!

Yep, Ellie Mae is officially crawling! She's been playing around with it for a few weeks and is great at going in reverse. I picked her up from daycare yesterday and they mentioned she crawled forward (for a few short minutes my heart sank b/c she did it there first, but I quickly got over it). We got home and I couldn't wait to put her down and see her go. It is hilarious because she has the left side figured out, and just drags the right side with her. I need to get the video up on here, but I will do one without my super-excited voice b/c it will drive you in insane! Time to baby-proof the house!

We've been going 90 to nothing the last few weeks with our work schedules. We are counting down the days to relaxation and will enjoy all 12 days at the beach. I am leaving my laptop and BB at home and not checking a single email while I am away. This will be tough for me, but I desperately need to be away for a few weeks to get excited about my busy time which starts when I return!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What 'cha cooking?

Ellie's new favorite toy is her kitchen, and she loves cooking after bath time! This will definitely be a picture she destroys so it doesn't make it into her rehearsal dinner video one day. Sorry of the quality, it was taken with a phone!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Catching up... 4th of July, Mr. Mom, and weekend visits

I know, I know... I am a little behind on blogging. When I have the time (i.e blog stalking or checking facebook), I never seem to want to update my own blog. We had a pretty low key 4th of July. We wanted to take Ellie to see the fireworks, but knew the 9 - 9:30 time would totally throw her sleep cycle off. We hung around the house with some neighbors and enjoyed the extra long weekend.

Ellie's new trick... holding her own bottle. She has just started doing this and it makes my life so much easier. She used to get so mad when we'd try to put her hands on her bottle. We have been practicing a lot and she FINALLY has it! This makes our morning routine so much better!

She has also decided to stand up in her bed or on anything around her (including Sophie). The sad thing is she doesn't know that some things give way when she pulls up on them. We've had quite a few falls this week, and lots of bumps and bruises. We lowered her bed last week, and removed the fish mobile because that is what she was using to pull her self up on. She is so close to crawling forwards. She has crawling backwards down pat!

I think this is hilarious b/c they both are probably saying... "Come on Mom... Enough with the pictures"

She LOVES her DVD's in the car, so we introduced her to Mickey Mouse Club! She seems to like it too, but does get bored with it after about 3 minutes.

Our friends waiting for a table to eat some BBQ! They loved Ellie and she loved them. They are twins and were full of energy!

Jay was a full time Mr. Mom last week. I was traveling for work and was gone 3 nights. A lot of people were shocked I would leave Ellie with Jay for so long w/o having my mom or Jay's mom up to help out. He is such a hand's on dad so I didn't think twice about it. He did such a great job, and all the ladies at daycare were bragging on how cute she looked each day. They asked him to dress her in a "rocker" outfit the last day instead of her usual smocked outfit and of course he loved that! I missed them like crazy, but did enjoy the break and wonderful sleep!

This weekend we headed to Bham and Auburn to visit some family and friends. I am so thankful for loving grandparents. They are always willing to get up in the morning and let us sleep in! Thanks MiMi and Pop!

Visiting the beautiful Hudson Family!

Hope yall have a good week!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Atlanta Traditions

Ellie was introduced to two Atlanta traditions last weekend... The Braves and The Varsity! We braved a 4 p.m. game with Kelly and Heath. I don't remember seeing a single play of the game (nor do the people sitting around us), but we had fun. I missed the first part due to my sewing class, so it was up to Jay to get Ellie to the game. We were able to tag-team from the 4th inning on... Ellie loves being outside and doesn't mind the heat. She passed out on the way to the car, and part of the Varsity experience. She enjoyed her milk while we devoured our hot dogs and fries! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! It was my cheat day so I enjoyed every last crumble of the hot dog and fries!

Just hanging out with my Daddy

Turner, Heath, Ellie, and Jay

Enjoying a bottle

Yea Braves!