Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BAD hair and Memorial Day

Poor baby - she has her Mommy's crazy hair. MeMe says it just has some personality! We laugh almost every morning at her crazy hair. It requires an hour or so, and some water before anything can be done with it. Looks like I passed on my crazy hair to her.

New favorite place to color - the bath tub! Love the new bath tub crayons!

We did a lot of nothing this weekend. We enjoyed being in town this weekend and had the best time cooking out, relaxing, and swimming. June is looking crazy, so we soaked up the time at home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where did May go?

Where did the month of May go? I feel like I blinked and it's almost June! We've been enjoying hanging out at home the last few weeks, and enjoying the outside as much as possible.

Ellie is talking more and more, and picks up new words daily. We need to REALLY be careful what we say because she is starting to repeat. She loves calling for Momma and Dada every morning until we come get her out of her bed. She is such a sweet toddler, and loves giving hugs and kisses to anyone.

We are continuing with gymnastics, and plan to start swim lessons in June!

Love this little pony tail

Her favorites right now are:
Sesame Street
Micky Mouse Clubhouse
Being outside
Bath Time

Still eating and sleeping great! Hope this continues!

What else is going on in our world?
-House is for sale
This is a HUGE and exciting project. We are hopeful for a buyer and have plans to build down the road.

-Baby Cousin Cameron arrived! He is a tiny, little thing and we can't wait to get back down to Andalusia to hold and love on him.

-Loving our new friends and new Sunday School class

-Continuing to pray for MeMe as she continues her treatments

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks...
Coloring with MeMe

Showing Pap her shoes

Driving with Dada

Coloring with Sophie

Uh Oh - Sorry Momma

OUT, but not letting go of my baby's hand

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

What a great Mother's Day weekend! We had a full weekend, and had so much fun! Friday started off with a Seis De Mayo Party in the neighborhood. We enjoyed great food, drink, and company! The kids loved playing in the backyard and the grown-ups were able to sit back and enjoy the company of neighborhood friends. We were also celebrating Joel and Molly's recent wedding on Friday and Saturday night. We had the ABSOLUTE best dinner on Saturday at Atlanta's own Bacchanalia restaurant. Hands down the BEST meal I've had! We'll definitely be celebrating more special occasions there!

Saturday we headed to Ellie's first gymnastics class. We've signed up for 4 classes, but don't know that we'll do any more after those 4. She is the youngest in the class and might be just a little to young to start these classes. It's definitely funny watching her run around in her leotard!

Sunday we headed to celebrate with MeMe in Andalusia. I swear it was close to 100 degrees! MeMe and Pap have so many fun, big toys and the grand kids go crazy there! We rode all the big equipment including the Rustler and tractors, put our feet in the pool, and destroyed the inside of MeMe and Pap's house with all the fun toys!

MeMe is doing great! She had her first treatment last week, and was feeling much better on Sunday. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she continues down this not so fun road of chemo. She is so strong, and we are so excited she is feeling good!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

A few more pictures!

I am so bad lately with uploading my pictures off the Mom camera. My camera phone is so MUCH more convenient and easier when it comes to getting pictures on here... just not the best quality.

While we were in town last weekend, we were able to celebrate John Burke's 1st birthday. We had so much fun, and Ellie was asleep before we were out of the drive-way.

Happy Birthday big boy!

Ellie LOVED the ball pit - especially when Turner or Blake would dive in!

Jumpy + Sesame Street = Heaven for Ellie!

Ellie is really into feeding herself and drinking for a big cup. This is lemonade, but she is OBSESSED with Sweet Tea! It's like a drug for her!

Enjoying the birthday fun - swinging, balls, and a pool!

We were also able to hang out with Daddy while he did some ATM work

It had been a long day, so she had to finish it off with a cold one!