Friday, April 13, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Ellie Mae is loving playing soccer this spring... She could run all day is we'd let her. I am amazed at how well they all listen to the coach at this age.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The New House!!!

I know this is long overdue... Excuses are moving in, WORK, and life in general.

So, here it is... We have the downstairs pretty much done... Upstairs is a different story! We are taking it room by room. This month our concentration is on Ellie's room! We are in the process of having the window treatments made and have converted her to the toddler bed. She is doing great! Climbs in every night (and for naps) but calls for us to get her out. I will continue to go get her since she isn't aware she can get out yet! She told her babysitter that something was missing from her bed the first night. True - half the railing!

Need some chairs for the front porch. LOVE having a porch!

Dining room

My office: Need pictures for the wall. Will eventually do picture railing

Great Room: yes, we did hang the window treatments ourselves - thank you Stephen!

Kitchen: LOVE all the room and cabinet space we have!!!

Foyer Light - yes those are ladders on top of each other - again - thank you Stephen

Ellie's playroom - door remains closed BC I refuse to pick it up

Downstairs Bathroom - thank you Mom for making all of our shower curtains!

I hope to have more frequent updates now that these are up!