Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fast-Forwarding through fall...

I feel like every week we are in fast forward...  With fall being our "busy" seasons for work, I honestly feel like each week flies by.  Our weekends are filled with balancing Ellie's social life (birthday parties) with our work schedules.  Somehow, it always works out :). What we've been up to since we last posted...

*Thankful our BFFs celebrated with Ellie for Grandparents Day since both sets of Ellie's grandparents were on trips!

*We also battled some crazy sickness that hung around an entire week before heading my way...  New school = new germs!

*We celebrated William Carters (her crush) birthday @ Chuck E Cheese 

*We went to the fair with her bestie - Griffin!  

*We met up with our favs from the CEE (Ellie's old school) for monthly play date!!!

*Date Night at a Braves Game

*Went to our first Mount Paran Football game

*Picked out a pumpkin and thankfully Daddy was patient enough to make Minnie Mouse appear :)

*and...  Went to Disney on Ice :). 

Fun, jam-packed weekend ahead before Ellie's fall break, birthday planning, and Halloween :)