Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More pink please!!!

We are excited to add some more pink to our family.  
Baby Girl #2 is already loved by her big sister (even though she thought it was a boy - as did a majority of friends and family).  We are excited that Ellie's clothes, bedding, bows, toys, etc...   will get some more use :)

We found out on Friday and then had a get together to "reveal" to family and friends on Saturday.  My guess was pink the whole time.  My pregnancy has been pretty much the same as Ellie's.  

Playing "What's the Bump" developed by a former ADPi - Lacey Radar Russell.  Lots of fun - especially for kids - and one I will pass along to other friends wanting a fun way to reveal the gender!

Me and my big girl before we opened the envelope.  She has on her blue :)

And last but not least...  The precious twins!  They are ao big now and can't wait for them to have a cousin close to their age!

Now on to naming this baby girl...