Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

***Lots of Pictures***

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with MeMe and Pap in Andalusia. We didn't let another ear infection slow us down... Nothing beats a small town when it comes to sick babies. We called Jay's pediatrician with Ellie's sure signs of an ear infection and he immediately called the neighborhood pharmacy (Jay's sister) for our drops and medicine. We had antibiotics delivered to us at dinner! Doesn't get much better (or easier) than that.

We played, and played, and played... and hunted Easter eggs... and took pictures... we colored... we fished... we ran around like a wild Indian. This mommy is exhausted!

We are continuing to pray for MeMe as she is meeting with great doctors in Houston this week. She is so strong, and has recovered quickly from surgery 2 weeks ago. She looks GREAT, and we know He has the perfect plan for her. Ellie adores her, and said MeMe for the first time this morning as they were leaving. We love you MeMe and can't wait to see you soon!

visiting the Easter bunny in Andalusia

admiring him/her from far away

drinking Pap's sweet tea

Easter goodies - Minnie and Mickey

hunting Easter eggs with my Daddy

Be sweet to Cater

Kissing Minnie and Mickey

Kissing Sophie

Trying to get a decent picture in her dress

Back of dress

Family picture (minus Heath and Kelly's crew)

Favorite thing to do... go in/out of doors

Playing with the twins

We ended the day... in MeMe's pool

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at School

Ellie participated in her first Easter Egg Hunt at school today! It was hilarious to watch them "hunt" their eggs. They were all stumbling around, picking up the eggs, shaking them, and calling them balls! Here are a few pictures! We hope you all have a Happy Easter. We can't wait to be in Andalusia to celebrate with MeMe and Pap!

Having a Peep before the hunt

Waiting for the Hunt

Collecting my eggs

It's a Ml-Mo (Elmo) Egg

Class Picture - yes, Ellie is the only girl

Hugs for Wyatt - been together since they were 3 months old

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pictures from the week!

I am tired of looking at Ellie's burned arm. It is SO much better now, and we are going to try some stuff to prevent scarring. She has been battling some of the not-so-fun daycare drama. She's had quite a time with a little fella that thinks Ellie's arms and legs are worth eating! We knew, and know, this is (and will continue to be) a part of the daycare days. We weren't concerned until it started happening every day and the latest battle wound was on her burned arm! Glad we had the weekend to settle down... Let's pray we have a good week!

Pictures from the week...

Lounging on Sophie

Piggy Tails for the first time - they didn't last long

She HAD to have 2 bows the same day, and the toothbrush is her favorite toy

Her very own sunglasses that we lost 3 hours later

Ellie putting make-up on Elmo

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick Post for Mom of the Year!

Yes, I had one of the not so fun Mom of the Year moments last week. I left my coffee a little too close and Ellie spilled the entire cup down her arm. I won't go into details on how much sleep I was working off of (1 hour), nor the events before all this took place... Trying to make excuses... I cried almost as much as she did.

More to update on later... Until then, be careful with HOT coffee!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Millie Pete!

We had a quick trip to Birmingham this weekend to celebrate with my brother and future sister-in-law, and Millie's 2nd Birthday! We had planned to stay one more day (today), but the weather is supposed to be bad this afternoon so we came on back to be safe. I had planned to be off work today anyway, so we are going to have an afternoon at the park!

Ellie did great in the car there and back... This has not always been the case, but I think she is finally getting used to the fact that her car seat is her second home. We have figured out a plan on the DVD's by switching them often. Elmo and Mickey are still favorites. We soaked up a lot of MiMi and Pap time.

Jay was home working all weekend... I came home last night to a SPOTLESS house! He cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned while we were gone and I was SO happy! I was not looking forward to cleaning on my day off today! What a great husband!

Don't have a picture from their shower, but this is from Ellie's Birthday! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this wedding. Ashley will be officially joining our family this summer. She is the sweetest, most amazing woman for my brother. She immediately fit perfectly into our family (despite her allegiance to Alabama). I am so looking forward to having another girl in the Patterson family!

Playing all weekend with Mimi and Pop

Celebrating Millie's 2nd Birthday... Her name is not Millie Pete, but that is what Jay and I call her. This is the most active child I have ever seen. She is always on the go climbing, jumping, doing something she is not supposed to be doing. She was (and still is) so tiny - just like her Mommy. She is 7 months older than Ellie, and Ellie is bigger than she is. Ellie found her tea set, and played with it most of the day.

And this baby is T.I.R.E.D

OUT leaving the birthday party...