Sunday, July 27, 2014

48 hours

In sure this blog will see a break and then lots of Hazel pics and updates so I am dumping all my pics since my last post...  

Ellie had a play date with her PK-3 class from Mount Paran last Sunday and it was like a mini-class reunion...  They were so excited to see each other and makes them all look forward to starting back in 2 weeks.  

We finished up our last camp of the summer at Art Camp.  She enjoyed it and did a lot more than I thought she would.  It was part of Cobb County Recs and was very impressive...  

She's so proud of her "gallery"

We have been at the doctor with Hazel checks a lot of the last couple of weeks due to low fluid...  Ellie was ready to go last Tuesday :) we are hoping she holds old for another 48 hours before her planned arrival!  

One last play date with Wyatt - her BF and BFF.  They truly love each other and I love his momma and daddy just as much!  

One final outing before Hazel's arrival.  Concert on the Square with friends :) We have preop Monday morning and another Ultrasound to check fluid levels.  Hopefully it's stayed the same (6.5) and not dropped to the dreaded 5 for admission on Monday.  Hang in there Hazel until Tuesday!  Low fluid was the same reason I was admitted early with Ellie @ 38 weeks / 4 days.  

I can't even begin to think about what all will be happening 2 weeks after Hazel's arrivial.  Our BFFs for the last 3 1/2 years are moving south...  We have known this was coming since we met them but it doesn't make the move any easier...  It's hard to find true friends that your entire family loves - we feel like we've known them forever.  I haven't let my mind or heart go there just yet...  The best part has been our last 2 years of being neighbors.  So nice to walk down the street to be at our BFFs house.  We know we won't lose touch and we will be burning up 75 with trips back and forth, but I hate they want be right here.  

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