Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sara Hazel Henderson

We are enjoying our sleepless nights with Hazelnut :) she joined us on July 29th and has been such a little blessing.  It's amazing how much you forget about the newborn stage...  Especially when you have a very independent 4 year old!  She was bigger than Ellie at 7 lbs 11 oz but a little shorter...  19 3/4 in.  They resemble each other except Hazels hair is lighter...

We are still figuring each other out but trying to get into some form of a routine.  We are attempting to follow the Moms on Call schedule.  

We are a month in but just finding time to update my blog!  Here's a recap from the hospital :)

Last picture as a family of 3

First picture with Crazy-Hazy 


Meeting her Big Sister - she was born for this role!  She has been awesome and loves being a helper to us!  

Sweet Visitors 

First few days...

 More to come!!!  

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