Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wow - I never knew bedding would be so hard to decide on with a baby! There are so many precious options out there. We have finally decided on this pattern from Restoration Hardware. My only negative about it is I haven't been able to see it in person just yet. Their patterns are only online. I have 90 days to return it if it doesn't work out so that is a good thing! This came by recommendation of Gina Harris (THANK YOU SO MUCH)!

Today marks 21 weeks...It's downhill counting from here. We have dedicated August as "getting the nursery ready month" b/c July is packed with beach trips and weddings.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are so excited about our precious, sweet, and beautiful little GIRL!!!

We are so excited (and I was so right) to announce we are having a little girl! I have been practicing saying "she" all day long instead of "it". She was not wanting to cooperate at first so it was the very end before we knew! Everything looks good and is measuring right on track. She was moving around, but I have still yet to feel the "butterfly flutters" that everyone refers to as the baby moving. I feel some bubbles here and there and am thinking that is her moving around in my belly. She was head down today so we only got a couple of profile shots. We did get a great picture of her tiny hand, and precious feet.

We invited both sets of parents up for the appointment. Mom and MIL went back with us for the ultrasound and it was exciting watching their excitement. I am sure my whole family and town knew I was having a girl before we left the ultrasound room even though "No cellphones were allowed"! Mom was excited about our little girl. Neither had experienced an ultrasound before, so they were amazed at how much you can see. I will go back in 4 weeks for my sugar test. I have heard this is not a fun appointment. I also found out I get another ultrasound at 28 weeks! Yea for us to see our precious little one again!

Our next stop was the furniture store to show (and order) our furniture!!! We have looked around Atlanta and kept going back to our original place and our first choice. It was a little pricey, but it's exactly what we wanted. I will post pictures of that below too. I am glad we have that finished, and expect to have it in 8 weeks.

I am going to try to enjoy the next 20 weeks by not rushing this along... With the furniture ordered, my next items are finishing the registry and choosing our bedding. I have looked at so much for can't find the exact one. I have a few in mind, and would appreciate any feedback on where you got your bedding. There are so many designers and choices!

Thanks for all your love, encouragement, and prayers for our family. We are overly excited and Jay is ready for some shades of pink in this house! His one thought on the way home today was "Oh no, I have to pay for a wedding!" Ha Ha Ha... and a prom, and ballet and gymnastics classes, and the list goes on...

The big question from friends and family has been "What's her name?" Well, we don't have one just yet... We have some in mind and will definitely let you know once we have decided. Bring on the monogrammed everything!!!!

Before the Ultrasound

Gifts for Baby Girl

Furniture for Baby Girl's Room (Ragazzi - Pompei)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

Well, tomorrow is the big day! We are finding out what we are having (hopefully). I have a fear that the baby won't cooperate and we won't be able to find out. I have been told by several to drink a Coke or Dr. Pepper before the appointment so the baby will be awake. I think I can manage that. I am still going with my original prediction of a girl. Most people I have talked to or seen are going with boy. I will be excited either way! I grew up with 2 older brothers and have always wanted a boy first. I have now convinced myself that it's a girl.

I hope I sleep better tonight... Last night was rough with only 3 hours of sleep... I hope the next 20 weeks are not sleepless nights. I've heard to get all the rest you can when your pregnant b/c you won't sleep much when the baby is here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The last few weeks...

More than 1 person mentioned to me that my blog has not been updated, so I figured I fill everyone in on the last few weeks. Between 16 - 19 weeks, there is really not much to blog about... I am definitely showing now and am excited you can tell I am preggo and not just gaining some weight. I will probably regret thinking that this is considered showing. I know it is going to get bigger (and better) in the weeks to come. I can't believe it is almost half-way over. This has been so easy for me, and I hope the next 20 weeks are this easy too. I have been very lucky not to have any sickness, haven't been too tired, and am still enjoying working out. My cravings/aversions haven't been too bad either. I am really stuck on Nachos from the gas station right now. I know this is gross, but they are so good!

Things we are doing:

1. Looking at furniture. We have been to one place, and going to another one before next week. We love the dark cherry or espresso and are set on doing the conversion bed. I would love any feedback on baby furniture. This is definitely more expensive that I thought.

2. Looking for bedding... This is kind-of hard to do when you don't know what you are having yet. We've picked out (let me take that back, I have picked out and Jay has either agreed or disagreed) several patterns. I like the custom stuff so hopefully I can narrow this down in the next few weeks.

3. Organizing what to register for. THANK YOU to all the moms out there that I have emailed about what you liked/didn't like when you registered. I really appreciate your feedback! I am going to break my registry into 2 parts. We are hoping to register for all non-gender stuff this week/weekend, and then finish up after we find out.

4. Deciding on daycares/nannies for next year. As of right now, I am planning on working once the baby comes. This could totally change, but I LOVE my job and LOVE the flexibility of it. I don't know that I could stay home, but again this could all change. I can't believe that I was touring facilities at 16 weeks and didn't even know what I was having. We are on several lists and are hoping not to start paying before we need it. This could be a possibility at our favorite place.

5. I also started a prenatal Yoga class that I love! It's once a week, and hope this will help in the soon to be pains that others in the class are experiencing. We have one lady that is due in 3 weeks, and she looks and feels great! I hope I am still there at 37 weeks.

6. FINDING OUT WHAT WE ARE HAVING!!! We are so excited that we will be finding out next Tuesday. Both families are coming over and the Mom's are going into the ultrasound with us. I will definitely update after next Tuesday! What do you think??? Boy or Girl? I have had so many mixed responses on what I am having... The majority thinks boy.



Maybe I needed this to get me to do a new post! Not much going on between 16 - 19 weeks... I will put another after this one!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Had a staff retreat for work in Auburn.
2. Went for a walk with Sophie and Jay
3. Had delicious breakfast casserole
4. Had BBQ House for lunch! YUMMO!
5. Found out two friends are having BOYS (due around the same time as me)
6. Caught up with an old friend
7. Had people finally tell me they could tell I was preggo!
8. Didn't sleep well... hope this isn't how it is for the next 20 weeks...

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Go to the beach for the summer
2. Know what this baby is TODAY
3. Not be a worrier...
4. Find baby bedding that I love
5. Enjoy the next 20 weeks and not wish them away to quickly
6. Have my family closer to me in Atlanta
7. Have more consistent quiet times (agree with Kelly on this one)
8. Make Sophie not shed

8 Shows I Watch (just 8?)

1. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
2. Jon and Kate Plus 8
3. NBC Nightly News
4. FOX 5 News
5. Baby Story
6. Bringing Home Baby
7. Sometimes Oprah
8. Sometimes Dateline

8 Favorite Foods (right now)

1. Nachos (from the gas station) I know... this is gross
2. Milo's when we are in AL
3. Fruit
4. Potato Chips
5. Chicken Salad
6. Baked Potato Pizza from Stevie B's
7. Bacon Biscuits with extra bacon from McDonald's
8. Glazed Doughnuts (KK) or Cin/Sugar Doughnuts (DD)

8 Places I Have Traveled

1. St. Lucia
2. Hawaii
3. Canada
4. LA (on the way to Hawaii)
5. Chicago (one of my favorites)
6. Colorado
7. New Orleans
8. Napa Valley, CA

8 Places I Would Like to Travel

1. Europe - we were planning a trip until we found out we were preggo
2. Australia
3. The beach more often
4. New York - never been
5. Any of the St. islands (Thomas, Bart's, etc...)
6. Las Vegas - never been
7. Birmingham - to see my family and friends - we'll be there next weekend!
8. Napa Valley again

8 People I Tag

Okay, so you know you love reading these so I tag: Holly, Lindsey B., Larkin, Kiera, Melissa, Susan, Emily E., and Lynlee